The Integrity of Joseph Chambers

Director: Robert Machoian
Year Released: 2022
Rating: 1.0

Against the advice of his well-meaning wife Tess (Jordana Brewster), insurance salesman Joseph (Clayne Crawford) goes out hunting alone, falls asleep, pretends he's Jack Morris in the 1991 World Series, skips stones, finally finds a deer and tries to track it but freaks out and fires a shot that hits some loner (Michael Raymond-James) living in the woods.  As a COVID-era production (it was filmed in December of 2020) it gets by with a limited cast and being recorded mostly outdoors, but it's clear from the start he was setting himself up to fail, which he does ... and Machoian just milks the self-loathing and shock that follows (and what is with those dumb sound effects?).  If the "argument" (if you could even call it that) is that most "modern men" couldn't survive in the wild in order to "provide for their families" ... it's because we've evolved past that, and hopefully no one wants to be the next Unabomber.  Also, you might want to stop taking Jordan Peterson seriously.