Y Tu Mamá También

Director: Alfonso Cuarón
Year Released: 2001
Rating: 2.0

Obscenely overrated road trip movie from Mexico that has the ability to blind apparently studious viewers with frank sexuality (teenage kids having sex! like ... for real!) and an ending that comes straight out of Chasing Amy (mixed in is a touch of morbidity to assure you that it's a 'serious' work). The two main characters are irritating exaggerations of American youth (excessive pot smoking, jacking off, laziness, loudness, alcoholism) who spew invented terms and recite their own 'Manifesto' ('rules' no one can follow, read: the government) while escorting an older woman to an isolated beach not accidentally named "Heaven's Mouth." Conversations are typically banal, covering prostate massaging and flatulence; when it gets 'serious' (the film pompously portrays itself as a metaphor for the grand narrative of present-day Mexico) you're supposed to bow in respect. Has a touch more insight into life than America's teen pictures, but it is not nearly as enlightened as everyone says it is.