Zoo in Budapest

Director: Rowland V. Lee
Year Released: 1933
Rating: 3.0

While on a trip to the zoo with her fellow orphans (and not wanting to spend the rest of her life as an indentured servant), Eve (Loretta Young) - who recently turned 18 - escapes from the group and hides out, is discovered and protected by outcast Zani (Gene Raymond), the authorities go searching for the both of them ... and eventually all heck breaks loose when many of the animals escape from their cages and start fighting.  It's a very simple but sweet movie about two oddballs finding each other - sure, Zani's a little aggressive with his "mating technique," but that's the result of spending too much time hanging out with monkeys and bears.  I do strongly agree with his stance on wearing (real) fur, however: if you didn't dispatch the creature yourself to wear its pelt so you can survive inclement conditions and are only doing it to be "fashionable," you too need to be clubbed.