Police Story

Director: Jackie Chan
Year Released: 1985
Rating: 2.0

Dedicated - if inherently chaotic - Hong Kong police officer Chan Ka-Kui (Chan) sets out to arrest drug lord Chu Tao (Chor Yuen), is assigned the job of "protecting" Chu's secretary Salina (Brigitte Lin) as a witness for the prosecution and is eventually framed for the murder of a corrupt cop (no worries: he clears himself).  The "plot" is nothing you haven't seen before countless times and its sense of humor isn't for everyone (there's lots of overacting), but Chan's focus on action choreography is the sole reason to watch it: he launches vehicles through a small village, hangs from a bus with an umbrella, almost gets run over and finds unique ways of turning a shopping center into a pile of broken lights and shattered glass.  As many people know, Jackie does virtually all of his own stunts, and has ended up in the hospital with injuries - for this, he supposedly burned his hands, injured several vertebrae and dislocated his pelvis ... now that's what I call commitment.  Also: nice parking!