U.S. Go Home

Director: Claire Denis
Year Released: 1994
Rating: 3.0

Best friends Martine (Alice Houri) and Marlène (Jessica Tharaud) are at that age where they're interested in the opposite sex, so they go to a "party with adults," ask for cigarettes, fool around and wind up needing a lift from American soldier Captain Brown (Vincent Gallo).  This was Denis' contribution to the TV series All the Boys and Girls of Their Time, and while a little undernourished with its hour-long length, it's an affectionate portrait of youthful curiosity (and inexperience), with a bit of a diss aimed at the U.S. Military for having bases all over the world.  Denis really has a curious view of (fragile) masculinity: a scene in this has Alain (Grégoire Colin) in his room rockin' out to The Animals ... which is an echo of Lavant's Galoup dancing alone to Corona's "The Rhythm of the Night" in Beau Travail.  I guess we fellows are strange and private brutes....