Falling for Christmas

Director: Janeen Damian
Year Released: 2022
Rating: 0.5

Sierra Belmont (Lindsay Lohan), daughter of hotel magnate Beauregard (Jack Wagner), bops her head while skiing and forgets who she is, gets taken care of by widower Jake (Chord Overstreet), who runs the small but cozy North Star Lodge ... which is experiencing financial hardships (curse you, Airbnb!).  This obviously escaped from the Hallmark Channel vault with its portrait of a Perfect Man (he donates to charities, is a loving father and can wrap a package with only three pieces of tape!) and clear abuse of one of the worst plot devices ever conceived - to get through it, take a shot of spiked eggnog every time Sierra either has a spill or bungles something up (like not understanding how to use a washing machine ... or how to clean a toilet).  Pushing the glaring flaws aside, it is good to see Ms. Lohan has cleaned herself up: she has talent ... and just needs to stay off yachts (and drugs) and in front of the camera where she belongs.