Llorona, La

Director: Jayro Bustamante
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 1.5

General Enrique Monteverde (Julio Díaz) is put on trial for the genocide of the Maya people in the early 1980's and gets found guilty but the ruling is overturned, so he bunkers up in his house with the rest of his family while (understandably) angry protesters gather around his property - meanwhile, Alma (María Mercedes Coroy) is hired as a new maid, except she appears to have evil intentions.  It's allegedly based on the misdeeds of Efraín Ríos Montt (who was de facto President of Guatemala ... and a war criminal) but its attempt to combine a political movie with a horror one doesn't quite gel: it doesn't provide proper context for non-residents of that country nor does it generate any really scary moments.  It's pretty smoothly directed by Bustamante (it's his third feature), although he seems to think that holding shots longer than required makes them more impactful (which unfortunately isn't the case).  As for Montt, I'll simply quote my father (who has this written above his desk): "Human nature produces dangerous freaks."