Director: Chris Smith
Year Released: 2022
Rating: 3.0

Documentarian Smith records actor Robert Downey Jr. working on a project with his independent filmmaker father Robert Downey Sr. - who's suffering from Parkinson's Disease - and reviews their turbulent history together, from Dad casting him in his first screen role (Pound) to (unsuccessfully) making movies in Hollywood to RDJ being exposed to drugs at an extremely young age (which Pop deeply regrets happening).  Both men are so sarcastic and snarky it helps keep the mood light, and while I generally look down on movies-as-personal-therapy, I feel like this is a fitting tribute to two people whose lives have been defined by the medium - destiny really is a funny thing.  Senior passed away in 2021, but conveniently provides the most accurate description for this: it truly is "sweetly narcissistic."