Director: Antoine Fuqua
Year Released: 2022
Rating: 1.0

Enslaved blacksmith "Peter" (Will Smith) is taken away from his family and forced to "work" at what appears to be a concentration camp but hears that President Abraham Lincoln has freed the slaves and makes a run through the swamps to Baton Rouge, with bounty hunter Jim Fassel (Ben Foster) on his trail.  In the Liberal Guilt department, it really stacks the deck - the n-word is uttered at just six minutes and forty-three seconds in, runaways get branded on their faces, there are actual heads-on-sticks and lynched bodies hanging from the trees ... and even the one little girl's racist (because it's what she was taught) - all in an attempt to disguise the fact that it's a tedious chase movie with a message that could be understood by a kindergartner ("hurting people is wrong") without any relevant historical information: according to the esteemed Noam Chomsky, "the Civil War is still being fought ... the Confederacy now calls themselves the Republicans."  For Smith, this is the first film of his to come out after the infamous event at the 2022 Academy Awards in which is slapped presenter Chris Rock over a joke - my personal feelings about him aside, he does fully commit himself to every role he's in ... both on screen and in "real life."