Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm

Director: Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis
Year Released: 2022
Rating: 2.5

After a falling out (because of their endless in-fighting), the three members of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Frylock (voiced by Carey Means), Master Shake (Dana Snyder) and Meatwad (Willis) have to make peace - and team up with their long-suffering pervy neighbor Carl (Willis yet again) - to stop pint-sized tech mogul Neil (Peter Serafinowicz), who runs a massive company called Amazin' (ahem) but has nasty plans that could harm the planet.  If you've never seen the show itself - which ran for years on Adult Swim - you can safely skip it and others might be put off by the immaturity, crude humor and constant wall-breaking, but long-time fans should take a peek: it doesn't waste too much time, gets some good jokes in (the Mooninites are hilarious ... and keep interrupting the broadcast) and unironically provides smarter commentary on topics such as corporate responsibility and wage slavery than almost any other new release I watched in 2022 with only a fraction of the budget ... and, I'm guessing, a lot of edibles on hand.