Raymond & Ray

Director: Rodrigo GarcĂ­a
Year Released: 2022
Rating: 1.5

Raymond (Ewan McGregor) goes to see his half-brother Ray (Ethan Hawke) to tell him their much-loathed father has passed away and at the funeral service they find out their Dad's last request is that they manually dig the hole he's to be buried in.  García (son of the legendary writer Gabriel García Márquez) tries to mask the loathsome sentimentality with whimsy - Ray gets to meet nurse Kiera (Sophie Okonedo), Raymond becomes romantic with Pop's ex-girlfriend Lucia (Maribel Verdú), they learn that they have multiple other half-brothers - and the scene at the cemetery with McGregor's character actually firing a pistol at the cheap casket is cringeworthy moment.  It's yet another movie about Daddy Issues and how going through this process is to help the lads "heal their psychic wounds," but I agree with John Waters: you have to get over your problems with your parents by the time you're thirty - at that age you should realize life is strange and not fair and you're just a middling filmmaker who will never win the Nobel Prize in Literature.  Oddly, the most complex individual in this isn't breathing.