Last Seen Alive

Director: Brian Goodman
Year Released: 2022
Rating: 2.0

While pumping gas into his vehicle, real estate developer Will (Gerard Butler) realizes his wife Lisa (Jaimie Alexander) has gone missing, so at first he contacts the police but then, feeling impatient, goes full Liam Neeson and tracks her down to some sort of drug farm.  Even though it's quite logically-challenged and basically a cheap-and-quick B-movie setup, Butler (yet again!) picks it up and carries the whole dang thing on his back: it's easy to criticize him for selecting less-than-ideal scripts to take part in, but when he's up on screen he is one-hundred percent committed to the point where I was still emotionally invested in his character and whether he'd succeed.  The suggestion that in order to save your marriage you should be willing to engage in a suicide mission to rescue your cheating partner is taking it a bit too far: I strongly recommend counseling.