Clerks III

Director: Kevin Smith
Year Released: 2022
Rating: 0.5

In what's hopefully Smith's last attempt to mine his 1994 black and white feature debut for content, convenience store employee Randal (Jeff Anderson) has an "epiphany" after surviving a heart attack and decides, with much needed assistance from his long-time friend Dante (Brian O'Halloran), to direct a movie about his own life, which essentially means 'remaking' the very first Clerks (under a different title: Inconvenience).  There are a few decent jokes at the front end of it (Amy Sedaris is a highlight), but most attempts at "humor" are thwarted by the rank sentimentality running through it: there are hospital visits, conversations with a dead lover (Rosario Dawson, whose character was killed by a drunk driver), "meditations" on existence ... and it concludes with one of its main characters floating off into a Wawa in the sky.  I recognize Smith, currently in his early 50's, is having some kind of midlife crisis (he had a health scare in 2018) ... but it would be nice if next time he wrote a movie for an actual audience instead of just himself.