Director: Alexander Dovzhenko
Year Released: 1935
Rating: 1.0

The Soviets are attempting to build a great city called "Aerograd" in Eastern Siberia, but there are a couple of Japanese soldiers roaming around threating their presence (they even have katanas!), but they're no match for Mighty Soldier "Tiger Death" (Stepan Shagaida) or a fleet of thousands of (superimposed) planes flying in from all over the place.  In case you ever had any doubt, it's another instance of Soviet propaganda, and it's full of momentum-killing speeches about how "powerful" and "serious" the people from there are - they can't stop singing their own praises - and scenes that feel randomly spliced together.  I personally wonder if the sting of losing the Russo-Japanese War - which lasted from February 1904 to September 1905 - led to the grandiose posturing fully on display here: Dovzhenko is arrogantly praising their military might ... which will never not be revolting.