Our Relations

Director: Harry Lachman
Year Released: 1936
Rating: 2.0

Comedy duo Stan and Ollie (Laurel and Hardy, as "themselves") are told via letter that they have twin brothers (also played by them) who were thought dead but, as it turns out, are actually sailors on the S.S. Periwinkle ... and get in a constant series of incidents once they leave the boat and go ashore (involving an expensive meal they can't pay for and a pearl ring).  I realize they're both considered "legends" in their field and have many fans, but I'm kind of apathetic to the majority of their antics (they pre-date The Three Stooges with the whole 'falling down a lot and slapping each other' silliness, although the cement shoes bit is gold), and the "mistaken identity" plot has to be one of the most abused in the history of cinema.  Interestingly enough, it was shot by Rudolph Maté ... who was Dreyer's cinematographer for not only The Passion of Joan of Arc but Vampyr as well: talk about night and day....