Me Time

Director: John Hamburg
Year Released: 2022
Rating: 1.0

Stay-at-home Dad Sonny (Kevin Hart), whose wife Maya (Regina Hall) is a world-class architect, gets a week of "freedom" from their two kids and spends part of it with reckless pal Huck (Mark Wahlberg) who's celebrating his 44th birthday with a Burning Man-type event in the desert ... but things unravel when Sonny suspects Maya is being "pursued" by rich developer Armando Zavala (Luis Gerardo Méndez).  It tries, in a half-cocked way, to be a variation of The Hangover - there's even a mountain lion, giant pet turtles, a guest appearance from someone popular in the early 1990's (Seal!), lots of infantile behavior ... and the villain is of Asian-American descent (Jimmy O. Yang, who's a very good stand-up comedian as well) - and while both leads do their usual thing (directors relish putting Hart in embarrassing situations, Wahlberg's a screw-up but he never truly suffers from it), it's like diluted lemonade with no sugar or ice.  It makes sense that the "solution" is for the long-time pals to start a company that manages parties for children, because emotionally that's about where they're at as well.