Poison, La

Director: Sacha Guitry
Year Released: 1951
Rating: 3.0

Sick of eating across from his miserable wino wife Blandine (Germaine Reuver), gardener Paul Braconnier (Michel Simon) consults world-renowned defense lawyer Aubanel (Jean Debucourt) and lies to him, saying he already killed (even though didn't happen yet) ... and then when he's ready to stick a knife in her gut, it turns out she was planning on poisoning him.  This begins strangely enough with Guitry walking around his set, praising his cast and crew - I wonder if this was his attempt to gain the good graces of everyone, considering he was accused of collaborating with the Nazis - before getting into its pitch black (but still oddly light) "comedy," in which the killer is (perplexingly) celebrated as "the good guy."  It presents multiple ethical dilemmas for both Paul and his legal representation ... and then wryly concludes with, "I guess she had it comin' to her." I realize it says people in the "country-side" don't do the whole 'divorce thing,' but that's a cop-out if ever I heard one.