Far and Away

Director: Ron Howard
Year Released: 1992
Rating: 1.5

In 19th century Ireland, poor tenant farmer Joseph Donnelly (Tom Cruise) seeks revenge against tyrannical landlord Daniel Christie (Robert Prosky) - whose cronies burned his house down - but instead runs off with his daughter Shannon (Nicole Kidman) to the United States where they struggle (and have to live in a brothel), he boxes for money, they briefly separate but are reunited in Oklahoma where there's a "Land Run" and people can claim property for themselves.  At the time of its release a big deal was made about real-life married couple Cruise and Kidman being the two leads in a movie together ... and while they do have chemistry (Nicole "peeks" at Tom's junk and has to act impressed), the rest of it is American schmaltz, with Howard and screenwriter Bob Dolman packing in as many Irish stereotypes that they can (they're already drinkin' and fightin' just a few of minutes in) and concluding it in a melodramatic manner in which love pummels even death (but not an ugly divorce, which would come later on).  What isn't mentioned is how this "land" they're putting "up for grabs" was actually stolen from the Native Americans, but that's not Ron's game.