I Love My Dad

Director: James Morosini
Year Released: 2022
Rating: 1.0

Absentee Father Chuck (Patton Oswalt), after having been blocked on social media by his son Franklin (Morosini) for being toxic (the details are a little vague), thinks it's a "good idea" to steal the photos from local waitress Becca (Claudia Sulewski), create a fake online profile as "her" and befriend Franklin - their conversations go from friendly to sexual, while Pop has difficulty keeping the ruse going.  Morosini "admits" it's based on his own life - which, if true, guarantees a lifetime of therapy - but for all it "confesses" it leaves a lot out: Franklin has a history of suicidal behavior, and this "tactic" seems awfully dangerous (it's as if Dad's trying to push him over) ... but, on the other hand, who's dumb enough to think that a girl that attractive with only one "friend" isn't a total scam (has this guy never used the Internet before?  Does he really believe "Hot Young Singles" want to talk to him?).  It's a glorified self-pity party for its writer-director-star, and I know several people in very strained relationships with their parents that haven't tried to hang or drown themselves: they're just moving on with their lives and making peace with the past ... which is the healthier approach.