The Freshman

Director: Andrew Bergman
Year Released: 1990
Rating: 2.0

Clark (Matthew Broderick), a first year film student at New York University, has his belongings stolen by a guy named Victor (Bruno Kirby), he gets them back, Victor offers a chance for him to meet with his Uncle Carmine (Marlon Brando) who then hires Clark to be his high-paid errand boy.  The whole jokey Mafia "storyline" owes a ton of gratitude to not only Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather (clips are shown throughout) but also, of course, the gravitas of Mr. Don Vito Corleone himself, essentially playing a less-serious variation of that classic character.  The comedic timing is off quite a lot and it's sort of disposable, but what is fun is hearing Broderick tell stories about meeting and working with the acting legend years later (you can find the interviews online), and how Brando did all of his scenes wearing an earpiece with his assistant feeding him lines ... and that's after they flew him in from whatever island he was living on.  There goes my hero.