Director: Andrew Semans
Year Released: 2022
Rating: 0.0

Biotech executive Margaret (Rebecca Hall) is trying to raise her daughter Abbie (Grace Kaufman) alone (while carrying on an affair with a married co-worker) ... but slowly starts to see strange activity around her (a tooth appears in Abbie's wallet) and then notices ex-lover David (Tim Roth) appearing everywhere, which triggers multiple "panic attacks."  The screenplay (by Semans) was allegedly on the "Black List" of un-produced scripts, but I prefer to think of it being on there because it's terrible in every way (except buoyed by two solid performers): Hall is constantly in freak-out mode, Roth has to deliver totally absurd lines (he ate a baby!) ... and there's even a moment where the movie stops and Margaret actually goes over the entirety of her past to an intern which might have made Syd Field's cranium explode Scanners-style.  It has zero self-awareness, which explains how anyone could film the final scenes without cracking up.  You can safely place it with the ever-growing collection of Psychologically Unhealthy movies, where it can share space with other projects that, for a variety of reasons, have no reason to exist.  Men are evil, etc.