Director: Freddie Francis
Year Released: 1970
Rating: 1.0

A "freelance expedition team" discovers a cave out in the wilderness and inside find a dangerous troglodyte (played by wrestler Joe Cornelius) that kills one of them (and scars another) ... but anthropologist Dr. Brockton (Joan Crawford) believes she can make great use out of the creature, by studying it and trying to teach it since she thinks it's a key "link" between man and beast.  The combination of Joan acting like this is a "serious" project and the movie's inherent stupidity makes for a certainly "unique" experience: there are scenes in here that are (unintentionally) funnier than almost any comedy you've ever watched, especially the ones where she treats "Trog" as if it's a child she can give toys to.  Director Francis - an accomplished cinematographer - called it "terrible" and Crawford said it was the worst movie she made (it was her last), but it's found a cult audience over time ... and more people have probably seen it than Johnny Guitar.  There was a rumor out there - which was discussed by John Waters at the British Film Institute - that Joan brought forty pieces of luggage and four cases of 100-proof vodka to the set and still got through it: now there's a professional for you.