Director: Baz Luhrmann
Year Released: 2022
Rating: 2.0

Dutch-born Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks) gives his account of the life of the King of Rock and Roll, from his youth (played by Chaydon Jay) in Tupelo, Mississippi (where he became enamored with African-American music) to, in his adult years (Austin Butler), being so provocative with his "dancing" that they threaten to arrest him, then he joins the Army, makes bad movies, marries Priscilla (Olivia DeJonge), becomes addicted to pills (and food) during his residency at the International Hotel ... and then passes away at the alarmingly young age of 42.  While it at least has the consideration of crediting the Black Community for being an influence on him - B.B. King (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) is a friend - and infers that his "appropriation" of that culture was "offensive" to a frightened White America (even though it takes the Liberal Guilt too far), Luhrmann's indulgences and taste for excess get the better of him ... and it seems like he really wants the audience to be impressed with his graphic design skills.  This cartoonish approach doesn't allow for him to "probe" the psyche of the musical legend (Butler tries his best with a challenging role) and Hanks, looking like Danny DeVito's The Penguin (except with the accent of a Nazi scientist), does what's asked of him ... but the performance is more silly than intended (Tom isn't used to playing a villain).  If it introduces his songs to a new generation of prospective admirers, mission accomplished ... and be sure to visit Graceland (if you haven't already), where you'll learn that Mr. Presley adored stuffed animals (and a lot of other things too).