Austin Powers in Goldmember

Director: Jay Roach
Year Released: 2002
Rating: 2.5

Third installment of the Austin Powers series isn't as bad as the first two, but still never convinced me it's more than an SNL skit expanded into a full-length movie with built-in commercials (Buy Apple! Buy Motorola! Buy Taco Bell!), some funny skits (the greatest: Mini-Me and Dr. Evil's impromptu gangster rap music video), in-jokes (that you're allowed in on) and (unwanted) scatological humor. Great if you're a teenager (the target audience), fatal if you're not - likewise, if you've seen the first two, pretty much the same gags are being recycled to varying effect. I think the expression on Steven Spielberg's face as Mike Myers skips past him in the opening sequence says everything.