The Kid Brother

Director: Ted Wilde, J.A. Howe, Harold Lloyd and Lewis Milestone
Year Released: 1927
Rating: 2.0

A medicine show - that sells "miracle cures" (all of it junk) - rides into the town of Hickoryville, but Sheriff Jim Hickory (Walter James) wants them out, so he sends in his youngest son Harold (Mr. Lloyd) to make them leave ... but they humiliate him, their stage burns down and then they steal the residents' money that was collected for a dam project.  Compared to the other Lloyd features I've seen it's less exciting and the sight gags aren't really that creative - it isn't until the final reel when he has to capture the thief to save his Father's life does it have any sort of real drive to it.  I wonder if the fact that there were four directors involved (with only Wilde given screen credit) explains its unevenness, but audiences love it, so I'm probably in the minority.  It does remind me, though, about how badly I need my own pet monkey assistant to fetch me coffee and whiskey ... and he must wear large boots while he does it.