Director: Márta Mészáros
Year Released: 1975
Rating: 3.0

Factory worker Kata (Katalin Berek) decides she wants to have a child at the ripe age of forty three (after being told by her doctor that's she's healthy enough), but her lover Jóska (László Szabó) isn't fond of the idea (he already has children ... with his actual wife) ... and forms a close friendship with a mentally-ill girl named Anna (Gyöngyvér Vígh) who's determined to marry her boyfriend Sanyi (Péter Fried).  It's dark and ominous and doesn't give the most cheery portrait of Hungary in the mid-'70s - Kata and Anna cling to each other like no one else is in the world with Kata acting as her surrogate mother ... before making a huge decision to adopt a child of her own.  Despite the inherent pessimism, it at least leaves open the tiniest possibility of a positive future ... that is, until the current year (it is 2022) where a certain Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is leading his nation into Fascism (which is what the Republican Committee aspires America to become).