And God Created Woman

Director: Roger Vadim
Year Released: 1956
Rating: 1.5

Free-spirited teenager Juliette (Brigitte Bardot, who was married to the director at the time) does all sorts of things to aggravate her foster parents - she sunbathes nude, walks around barefoot and parties late into the night - so they threaten to send her back to the orphanage, but there to try to "rescue" her is Michel (Jean-Louis Trintignant), who marries her ... only to realize that might have been a mistake.  The gauge for how much someone will "like" this depends on his/her tolerance for Juliette's antics - I found her to be bratty, impetuous and unpleasant, weaponizing her natural beauty to create chaos - since the movie is exceptionally frivolous, if scenic (cinematographer Armand Thirard does a fine job making Saint-Tropez look like paradise).  In real life, I appreciate Ms. Bardot's activism when it comes to animal rights and climate change ... but less so regarding her association with the National Front and discrimination against minorities.