Master of the House

Director: Carl Theodor Dreyer
Year Released: 1925
Rating: 3.0

Or, Nana Knows Best.  Failed businessman Viktor (Johannes Meyer) is both emotionally and physically abusive towards his devoted wife Ida (Astrid Holm) and their children, so his former nanny Mads (Mathilde Nielsen) and her mother Alvilda (Clara Schønfeld) concoct a plan to move her out of the house and force him to do all the work of a housewife (and reflect on his abhorrent behavior).  As one would expect from Dreyer, it's methodically plotted and self-assured filmmaking that's definitely austere if not a little drawn-out: you should be able to tell where it's going well before he takes you there (so you can appreciate the path to redemption and hopefully marital bliss into the future).  It's also very easy to read this as an early feminist picture: Viktor has to learn to respect what the fairer sex has to go through ... and stop getting into a huff over the amount of butter on his toast.