Thor: Love and Thunder

Director: Taika Waititi
Year Released: 2022
Rating: 1.5

Part four in the series about everyone's favorite Son of Odin (Chris Hemsworth) has him first get recruited by the Guardians of the Galaxy (which includes the likes of Chris Pratt, Karen Gillan, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, etc.) to help them out of a little fix ... and then he has to bring to an end the villainy of a certain Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale) - with some assistance from old flame Dr. Foster (Natalie Portman) - who's determined to wipe out all the deities.  It's tolerable, I guess, when it sticks to comic book-type stuff and some Dad humor (the screaming goats are a nice running gag) but considerably less so when it tries to address actual real life problems, like grief over the loss of a child, having an "existential crisis" (Thor questions his place in the universe) ... and Portman's character (actually) dying from Stage 4 cancer (these kinds of movies are not designed to handle reality - one could argue they're made to circumvent it).  The visuals are quite good - it's yet another one influenced by the video game Dark Souls - and I hope the likes of W. Axl Rose, Slash and the rest of the lads got some nice kickback for providing a good portion of the soundtrack (GN'R fans might be disappointed to find out "Mr. Brownstone," "Rocket Queen" and "Get in the Ring" are not used ... it's for kids, remember).