The Cremator

Director: Juraj Herz
Year Released: 1969
Rating: 2.0

Before the start of World War II, "incinerator of corpses" Kopfrkingl (Rudolf Hrusínský) blathers incessantly about how cremating a body "frees the soul" and makes constant references to Tibetan mysticism and "blood purity" ... and then joins the Nazi Party, becomes even more radicalized against the Jewish population and feels the need to annihilate his wife and two children.  Both the direction and acting are affected and annoying - Hrusínský slithers around, rubbing faces and being a slime while Herz jump cuts all over the place - and the point is made very early and then hammered to pieces (like the fish Kopfrkingl refuses to watch get dispatched): he begins the movie a bit tweaked and by the end, he's totally bonkers.  To its credit, it must have ticked off all the right people, since it was banned in Czechoslovakia for seventeen years - if it made The Powers That Be uncomfortable, perhaps it was saying something they needed to hear.