Good Luck to You, Leo Grande

Director: Sophie Hyde
Year Released: 2022
Rating: 2.0

Widowed educator Nancy (Emma Thompson) - who spent years teaching religion! - hires sex worker "Leo Grande" (Daryl McCormack) to do some kinkier things her late husband wouldn't do - she's extremely hesitant (which requires tremendous patience on his part) and asks a ton of questions and stalls for time, and later breaks an unspoken rule and discovers his real name, which (understandably) makes him uncomfortable.  While I do appreciate the body positivity (it asks Thompson, at 63, to appear nude), it never seems like anything other than a filmed stage play, mostly confined to a single hotel room ... and screenwriter Katy Brand kind of stacks the deck in Leo's favor, making him so thoughtful, well-spoken and nearly flawless he's essentially an Irish android.  With all the talk (which Nancy brings up) about Leo's difficulties with his estranged Mother it becomes creepily Oedipal, which I'm not sure was the intention ... and it does seem to think intercourse is a valid form of therapy (which Wilhelm Reich might have agreed with).  But the story I really want to hear about is the unnamed client who hires Grande to dress up as a cat and ignore him for an hour: now that is worth exploring.