Montana Story

Director: Scott McGehee and David Siegel
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 1.0

Civil engineer Cal (Owen Teague) and his half-sister Erin (Haley Lu Richardson) travel back to their native state of Montana to be with their father, who suffered a stroke and is in a coma - neither care too much about him and are more concerned with their horse Mr. T., who's quite old in equestrian years and ready to be put down.  For the first half of the movie, McGehee and Siegel present it as vaguely as possible, not bothering to delve into the family dynamics, peddling in tension and sadness ... and then they decide to go full plot exposition, using medical worker Ace (Gilbert Owuor) as their excuse to try to explain the dynamic away, but failing to address multiple holes in the narrative.  Naturally, this all leads to the expected route of leaving the last act for bro and sis to reconcile and heal, forgiving each other for past grievances.  The real winner is the Big Sky Country which, for cinematographer Giles Nuttgens, had to have been a treat to photograph.