Director: Alex Garland
Year Released: 2022
Rating: 1.5

In order to recover from the (untimely) passing of her ex-husband James (Paapa Essiedu), Harper (Jessie Buckley) travels out to the country to stay at a cozy home owned by Geoffrey (Rory Kinnear) ... only to have numerous bizarre encounters with other males around town, including a small boy, a priest, a police officer and a mutant (all played by Kinnear).  You have to prepare yourself early for the onslaught of Bad Symbolism as its "heroine" gets repeatedly terrorized by various forms of "masculine aggression" (flashbacks reveal James was emotionally abusive and threatened to commit suicide because of her, the little boy calls her names, the priest suggests she's guilty, etc.), leading up to the visually outrageous conclusion, in which horrible male creatures keep birthing (or vomiting up) new versions of themselves.  Buckley's fantastic - she's proven to be a very versatile performer - but it's a one-sided argument, and her character is completely flawless; in an interview she provides the most "plausible" explanation for the finale: that it's about her coming to terms with the monsters within herself and those "outside" of her ... and discovers she has to learn to live with both.