The Man From Toronto

Director: Patrick Hughes
Year Released: 2022
Rating: 1.0

Teddy (Kevin Hart), a salesman for Murray's Fitness (who's also a failed entrepreneur), gets "mistaken" for a notorious hitman (Woody Harrelson) ... and then is "used" by the United States to continue acting out the role for them to nab Colonel Marin (Alejandro De Hoyos), who's planning to take over the Venezuelan government.  If it sounds slapdash and idiotic that's because it is: it's sloppily written and rather thoughtless, going through the too-familiar motions of flying all over the globe while Harrelson's ruthless goon "teaches" hapless Hart about being "tough" and Kev returns the favor and shows him how to get in touch with his "human side" (after all, the Canadian assassin wants to start a restaurant!).  It's worth noting, too, that the special effects look pretty cheap - I wonder if inflation is hitting Sony's pocketbook and they decided to cut corners - but at least its two stars keep it relatively upbeat.