Father Stu

Director: Rosalind Ross
Year Released: 2022
Rating: 0.0

Middleweight boxer Stuart Long (Mark Wahlberg) is told by his physician that his body can't stand getting pummeled anymore so he goes to Los Angeles with the goal of becoming an actor, starts chasing around this super-religious Catholic girl (Teresa Ruiz), is baptized ... and then abandons Earthly desires to become a priest (the Lord works in strange ways).  Although this is based on a true story - the actual Father Stu passed away in 2014 - it unfortunately permits Wahlberg to once again abuse his stock "tough but dopey nice guy" character: he drinks, he fights, he swears repeatedly in the confessional ... but he's also got a "good side," and is respectful of the lady he loves (he never did learn his lesson from Joe Bell, did he?).  It's Ms. Ross' directorial debut - she's currently in a relationship with Mel Gibson (who appears as Stuart's grizzled Pop) - but the only miracle she pulls off is recording her gym rat leading man out-of-shape.