Director: Carey Williams
Year Released: 2022
Rating: 1.5

At the fictitious Buchanan University, buddies Kunle (Donald Elise Watkins) and Sean (RJ Cyler) come up with a plan to attend a whopping seven parties in one single night but have their ambitious endeavor interrupted when they find a passed out young lady (Maddie Nichols) in their apartment ... and then can't decide what to do with her.  While there is a great point made about the deep concerns non-Caucasian individuals might have when dealing with the police in a delicate and easily misunderstood situation, the truth is that their behavior is criminally irresponsible, and dragging her barely conscious body around is time not spent receiving precious medical attention.  It's another bad example of a short film - Williams' eighteen minute long version from 2018 - "expanded" and padded for length: real life is typically more nuanced (get ready for the racial slur being "discussed" just three minutes in).