Adieu Philippine

Director: Jacques Rozier
Year Released: 1962
Rating: 2.5

Before getting shipped off to fight a war in Algeria, camera operator Michel Lambert (Jean-Claude Aimini) hangs out with his buddies, "dates" two girls - Juliette (Stefania Sabatini) and Liliane (Yveline Céry) - at the same time, films a commercial for a refrigerator, intentionally gets canned from his job and then goes on vacation in Corsica.  It's considered one of the "most essential" films of the French New Wave but isn't as famous as many of the others and that might be for several reasons: Rozier isn't a well-known name among film buffs in the same way Rohmer or Godard or Rivette are, and the construction of it is pretty flaky: scenes feel rushed through and often end abruptly and there isn't a whole lot of cohesion (which you'd normally equate with a student film).  That being said, it does provide a whimsical "slice of youth" from the era, and has the kind of "just run with it" attitude shared by many young people ... before time hardens them.