Cock Crows at Eleven

Director: Massimo Pirri
Year Released: 1978
Rating: 1.0

Child murderer Federico (Howard Ross), who's on the run from the Carabinieri, gets some assistance from eleven-year-old Simona (Karin Trentephol) who hides him; when Simona's mother Vera (Lisa Gastoni) finds out he's there, she seduces him and tries to get him to kill her rich wheelchair-bound spouse (Mel Ferrer).  Ennio Morricone's gentle score tries to let you think it's a wistful and serene kind of movie, but it really is just scuzzy and sensational: all of the characters are deeply unlikeable, and it includes a scene where the lead has sexual intercourse with a minor (but it's really about love ... right?).  After dawdling most of the running time, it has a sinister ending: don't mess with little girls.