Fantastic Planet

Director: René Laloux
Year Released: 1973
Rating: 1.0

On the planet Ygam, gigantic aquamarine-colored giants with gills and red eyes called Traags keep human-like Oms as "pets," but get very annoyed with them with they're out in the woods and "reproducing like rabbits," so they routinely slaughter them ... until the Oms figure out how to counterattack.  It was clearly a labor of love for Laloux - production allegedly began a full decade prior to its release - and one of only three features he ever made, but the animation is certainly ... crude (some of it is just recording still drawings), as is the 'allegorical' aspect of it: it argues enemies can (apparently) get along if they realize they can destroy each other at any moment.  There's a new wild "creature" that pops up every few minutes - I like the foamy snail-like entities that weave clothes - but they're only in there to mask the fact that it's not very efficient at telling a story.