Where Is Anne Frank

Director: Ari Folman
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 0.0

During World War II, Anne Frank (voiced by Emily Carey) conjures up this figure of "Kitty" (Ruby Stokes) to "write to" in her now-famous diary (before being sent to Bergen-Belsen by monsters "following orders"); in modern day Holland, Kitty "appears," steals the book from the Anne Frank House and then goes looking for her, unaware she's gone missing (Folman didn't think too hard about the plot).  If its purpose is to get the younger generation interested in the real story that's ... fine, I guess, but this also gets dangerously close to trivializing a tragedy, at one point turning Kitty into a speed-skating Pokémon trainer and there's a last minute statement (that comes out of nowhere) about immigration.  Apologies if I'm sounding even more defensive than usual, but this is a serious subject that requires delicacy: do the old girl a favor and read her own words instead (and, if possible, visit the Secret Annex).