Director: Max Ophüls
Year Released: 1949
Rating: 3.0

With an aspiration to marry for both money and love, Leonora (Barbara Bel Geddes) attends "charm school" (to learn "how to be a lady in society") and eventually marries eccentric (and wealthy) producer Smith Ohlrig (Robert Ryan), but she grows disillusioned with the relationship because he's never around, and when he is around he belittles her - later, she works as an administrative assistant to Dr. Quinada (James Mason), who actually falls in love with her.  This nifty little noir has a single point to make but it does it quite well: that there is more to life than having the most expensive things in the world if the person you're betrothed to treats you like an employee, and all three leads work very well together.  It's been noted that Ryan's character is actually based on legendarily eccentric Howard Hughes, which (if true) makes me feel bad for anyone (which includes friends and lovers) that had to be around him.  OCD is a hell of a drug.