Director: Christopher Winterbauer
Year Released: 2022
Rating: 1.0

Adventure-mad Walt (Cole Sprouse) is enchanted with Elon Musk-like space explorer Leon Kovi (Zach Braff) and desperately wants to visit Mars, but after he spends a romantic night with Ginny (Emily Rudd) - who is also traveling to the Red Planet - he gets even more desperate to the point that he "sort-of" blackmails bookish Sophie (Lana Condor) into helping him sneak on-board the next rocket (which he can't afford).  This is exclusively made for teenagers, since the rest of us have seen this plot many times before (although not set in the cosmos): Sophie starts off being irritated by how "dumb" Walt is, then they slowly warm up to each other, there's a brief separation and then they both realize they're in love (heck, Paula Abdul even wrote a song about it!).  I like Cole's doltish charisma but his filmography is a total wreck ... son, you're nearly thirty.  Sack your agent.