Director: Kevin Reynolds
Year Released: 1985
Rating: 2.0

Several college friends from the University of Texas at Austin - Gardner (Kevin Costner), Phil (Judd Nelson), Ken (Sam Robards) and Dorman (Chuck Bush) - have a series of adventures before getting drafted into the Vietnam War, including trying to get their car towed by a train (which does not work), picking up some girls at a Sonic Drive-In, going to the worst parachuting school in the world and eventually digging up someone - or something - named "Dom."  I think it does an okay job showing the impulsiveness of youth and pre-war anxiety many young people felt at the time, but it's also way too cartoonish, with Nelson's spectacled "square" constantly objecting to everything that's happening (he also gets called a "weenie").  I wonder if Bradley Cooper's character in The Hangover was modeled after Costner's performance - they both pull off this "elegantly wasted" vibe very well ... although I'm not sure Coop would have been cool with having the love of his life marrying his best friend.  As for Dorman's reading list (which includes The Prophet and Being and Nothingness and a Thor comic): I approve.