Director: Roland Emmerich
Year Released: 2022
Rating: 0.5

Conspiracy theorist K.C. Houseman (John Bradley) receives valuable intel that the Moon is actually a "megastructure" (he repeats this often so you don't forget) and its orbit is changing so he gets in touch with former astronaut Brian Harper (Patrick Wilson) to alert him of his findings - meanwhile, Harper's "work wife" Jocinda (Halle Berry), who's still at NASA, learns that there's a kind of alien "swarm" on Earth's only satellite.  It's the type of expensive and brain-dead disaster one would expect Emmerich to make since he's been doing it for decades now - he never grew out of his Independence Day phase - with stock characters (Donald Sutherland is back to do his JFK bit) and situations ... although nothing seems semi-realistic scientifically speaking and it just bluffs its way through and hopes you don't notice.  Since it was co-produced by Tencent, they were most likely contractually obligated to throw in an Asian character (played by Kelly Yu) and have Wilson mention "our Chinese friends" ... perhaps to "smooth out" tensions over the fact that they unleashed a plague on the world and had the gall to blame the United States for it?