Director: Rebecca Miller
Year Released: 1995
Rating: 1.0

Prepubescent kids Angela (Miranda Rhyne) and her sister Ellie (Charlotte Eve Blythe) move with their parents Andrew (John Ventimiglia) and Mae (Anna Thomson), but when their mother's psychological problems keep getting worse, they perform "special rituals" to try to "purify" her (spoiler: it doesn't work).  As director Miller's directorial debut, I think it at least attempts to enter the mind of a child trying to deal with a parent's severe mental illness - while also "coming of age" - but unfortunately it's Straight Out of Sundance nonsense with a crippling reliance on Bad Symbolism (the Virgin Mary, a fallen angel, a spider, an actual white horse, etc.).  Also, during the editing process, did no one notice how the boom mic keeps showing up in the frame?