All My Friends Hate Me

Director: Andrew Gaynord
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 2.0

"Regular guy" Pete (Tom Stourton) plans on celebrating his birthday with several of his friends from university - including George (Joshua McGuire), Fig (Georgina Campbell) and ex-girlfriend Claire (Antonia Clarke) - except they don't appear to be too happy to see him and there appears to be a "new friend" named Harry (Dustin Demri-Burns) that they're all (inexplicably) enamored with.  While it is certainly undercooked and exhausting - watching someone get smacked around passive-aggressively by multiple people without knowing if it's truly warranted is truly one-sided - it does a fine job depicting a "nightmare scenario" in which your "inner circle" psychically teams up to torment you (which might explain why it's listed as a horror movie).  It offers little bits about Pete's past that are off-putting - his break-up with Claire led to her attempting suicide, a childhood prank on a little girl went horribly wrong - and his routinely mentioning how he worked at a refugee camp is irritating (we all know 'that' person) - but whether those actions warrant this kind of abuse is debatable.  If all men were angels, and so on.