The World's Greatest Sinner

Director: Timothy Carey
Year Released: 1962
Rating: 2.0

Demented Clarence (Carey) gets canned from his day job working insurance, so he decides - after talking to a horse - to "become God," which starts with him preaching on corners and then gathering followers to be a part of his "Eternal Man's Party."  For Carey, who's best known as an eccentric character actor that worked with the likes of Elia Kazan, Marlon Brando and Stanley Kubrick (among others), this is a peculiar directorial debut: it's clearly amateurish and goofy, but it does have a kind of rogue energy about it, and it enables the actor-director to really embellish as much as possible.  Several scenes stand out as being totally bonkers, including one where Clarence compares an older woman to his mother and proceeds to make out with her ... and there's another where he tries to stab the Eucharist with a sewing needle.  Quentin Tarantino had him audition for the role of Joe Cabot in Reservoir Dogs, but didn't cast him because he heard he was "too crazy" ... and then proceeded to describe how Carey had an obsession with flatulence and how "holding in gas" to be "polite" was harmful to human health.  Pour one out, he was a real live wire....