The Shadow in My Eye

Director: Ole Bornedal
Year Released: 2021
Rating: 2.5

During the Second World War, The Royal Air Force were instructed to bomb the Gestapo Headquarters in Copenhagen (as part of Operation Carthage), but what happened was the Jeanne d'Arc School was shelled in the process, killing many children and teachers inside.  The storytelling is very disjointed and uneven at the beginning - a car with three women and a driver gets shot up, the boy who witnessed it happening loses the ability to speak, a nun (Fanny Bornedal, the director's daughter) flagellates herself, a young man (Alex Høgh Andersen) works for the HIPO Corps (who assist the Gestapo) to his father's dismay, etc. - and I don't believe it all comes together satisfactorily, but the final act is truly harrowing material, as many of the children are trapped under rubble, crushed entirely, or covered in ash and wandering around the streets in a daze.  It's even harder to watch considering this very thing is happening right now in Ukraine (today's date is March 21, 2022) ... except the bombing there isn't accidental.