Home Team

Director: Charles and Daniel Kinnane
Year Released: 2022
Rating: 1.0

After New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton (Kevin James) got suspended for the 2012 season for being a part of what's referred to as "Bountygate" - in which his own players were allegedly encouraged to "take out" opponents in exchange for cash - he returns to Argyle, Texas to coach his son Connor's not exactly "good" football team.  It is actually based on a true story but plays out like a less amusing The Bad News Bears (except he's no boozed-up and surly Walter Matthau): the kids are at first just happy to score a touchdown, then get sad, then everyone gets their own redemptive arc, Sean bonds with his kid, they almost win the championship and become "loveable losers" (that single-wing formation was just too tough to counter, I guess). Being an Adam Sandler production, they just can't resist having a vomit gag, so if that's your idea of comedy, dive right in.