Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Director: David Blue Garcia
Year Released: 2022
Rating: 1.5

Enterprising youngsters (Elsie Fisher, Nell Hudson, Jacob Latimore and Sarah Yarkin) travel to rundown Harlow, Texas to fix a place up but make the mistake of trying to seize the home of an older woman named Ginny (Alice Krige) ... which just so happens to be where Leatherface (Mark Burnham) is living, and he gets quite upset.  It makes the colossal mistake of having its cast be mostly unlikeable, so when a bunch of hipsters are doing a live stream on Instagram and Mr. Chainsaw shows up in order to shred them to pieces it's (unintentionally?) quite amusing (in the darkest way imaginable).  There is a "legacy character" in this, Sally Hardesty (Olwen Fouéré) - who was the "sole survivor" of the original Tobe Hooper movie - but she meets a grim fate; it's all really inane, but at least it has the courtesy of being vicious.